Staying Connected With The Tech Generation

Staying Connected With The Tech Generation

Most companies worldwide have stepped into 2021 with Zoom offices and working from home as the new normal.

As a result, some companies have struggled to adapt – while others continued to thrive. This pandemic has opened the eyes of many companies to the harsh realisation that they’re behind on the times.

Find out how you can continue to stay connected in today’s tech era.

Who are the Tech Generation?

In the wake of the pandemic, many companies have bolstered their infrastructure to better support their team and adapt to the imposed work from home requirements.

This means that the Tech Generation doesn’t just refer to the tech-native youths. They are your customers, your team, your stakeholders – and even your competitors.

3 ways your company can stay connected.

●     Build an efficient digital workplace

A digital workplace strategy will look different for every company according. It may mean using better collaborative tools to communicate between teams or for specific projects. It may also mean enabling certain black-and-white processes to go online, giving your employees the mobility to work from anywhere.

We could also narrow a digital workplace down to the various business applications that may apply to your company. Think accounting connector solutions, or smart commerce solutions to make your ecommerce processes fuss-free.

●     Don’t sweat the small stuff

Digitalising your business doesn’t have to mean introducing a million unnecessary tools or revamping entire frameworks.

It could be as simple as automating a tedious, repetitive process. Often, it’s the small stuff that takes up the most time and energy. Read our previous article to find out what your manual processes are actually costing you – from labour costs to business stagnancy.

●     Measure the right data

Businesses today are bombarded with an overload of information right and left. Once you’ve differentiated which metrics matter to you, digital transformation solutions help to efficiently gather the data with ease.

Let’s take Senheng’s e-Market Price Survey Portal Platform for example. The E-Market Price Survey Portal uses artificial intelligence to monitor current product prices across all relevant markets and analyses the latest price trends. Any poorly priced products can then be quickly identified and sent for immediate repricing.

Find out how your business can stay connected.

At Senwave, we specialise in digital transformation solutions to fit your business’ needs. Whether your business is just beginning to tread the digital space, or looking to expand – arrange a free consultation with us now, or view our digital transformation solutions here!