Bad News! Your Manual Processes are Costing You a Whole Lot!

Bad News! Your Manual Processes are Costing You a Whole Lot!

How much of the time you spend at your work desk is wasted on mundane tasks?
On average, employees spend more than three hours per day on repetitive tasks which are outside of their primary job scope.
Despite the digital environment we find ourselves in today, many businesses still choose to fall back on what they’re familiar with – the “tried and true” processes of yesteryear.

3 ways manual processes are costing you, whether you notice it or not.

  • More possibility for errors
  • Labor and operation costs
  • Holds your business back

1.  More possibility for errors.

Manual work is typically repetitive, redundant work. Think data entries, invoicing and transferring information between platforms.
If you’re relying on the human eye to perform such duties, you should know that it’s commonplace for mistakes to occur.
Simple mistakes inflated on a larger scale tends to lead to a butterfly effect, in which everything else across the board gets affected – from shipment delays to customer dissatisfaction to interrupted cash flow.

2.  Labor and operation costs.

Perhaps it’s the costs that’s holding you back from digitizing your business’ processes. You might think that the softwares relevant to your business simply aren’t worth it.
But when you factor in the costs associated with talent onboarding, payroll, benefits and overhead – it often adds up to more than what digitized processing will cost you in the long run.

3.  Holds your business back.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a step back and look at the forest, not the trees. The same can be said for business digitalization.
When you’re heavily dependent on staff, scaling the business becomes a tough cookie to crack.
Outdated manual processes are slow and error-prone, which will serve as a barrier when you’re trying to innovate and grow the business.
When you devote so much time just to keeping things running, you have less time on your hands to delve into the deep work necessary to stay ahead.

Work smarter, not harder with our digital transformation solutions.

With all that said, many Malaysian businesses still choose to stick to the manual way of doing things.
The most common concerns include difficulty integrating their current applications with new ones, or having specific processes where it can be difficult to find automated solutions.
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