Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Fulfilment Solutions

Are you facing the problems below?

– Hassle in delivery schedule confirmation

– Delivery route management becomes increasingly confusing and complicated

– Delivery management not punctual

– Difficult in handling delivery status inquiry

– Inaccurate customer satisfaction check point

– Difficult in viewing fulfilment status and perform analysis on quality, efficiency and productivity

– Disconnected supply chain solution as most companies are using multiple solutions that are not integrated to one another

Our Solutions

Supply Chain Management, Logistics & Fulfilment Solutions

Simplified processes and an easy to use application are hallmarks of the solutions we provide to logistics and distribution operations. Easy application adoption and simplified processes increases our customers’ efficiency and operations visibility.


  • E-Product List
  • Product Management System (PIM)
  • Purchasing Master
  • Stock Replenishment
  • B2B Portal
  • eDO Solution
  • Logistic & Fulfillment
  • Warehouse Management System

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