Sales & Promotion Solutions

Are you facing the problems below?

– Hard to target sales while meet customer needs at the same time/one-size-fits-all marketing approach

– Have CRM system, but can’t handle marketing needs

– Can’t identify best leads/don’t know how to qualify leads

– Follow-up is either too much or too little,hard to manage leads

– No plan for re-engaging cold leads

– Hard to track valuable metrics

– No process in place for assigning leads, qualifying them, and moving them through the sales cycle

Our Solutions

Sales & Promotion Solutions
Sales Tools which help small business focus on customers and products but not multiple platforms waiting be integrated, 
Marketing solution which can help small businesses understand and re-target their customers by easy steps optimized by Datalake.


Selling Price Setting

  • Price Book 
  • Pricing Matrix
  • Purchase with Purchase
  • Pricing Logic


Price tag solution

  • Offline price tag notification and management


Promotion and campaign

  • Set Promotion
  • Campaign management
  • Set campaign rules


Email Marketing Automation

  • Marketing projects management with dashboard to illustrate performance analysis
  • Automation Center with journey editor
  • Contact Management available to create and manage Contact and also segments
  • Content Maker consisting of block templates for easy drag and drop content creation
  • Campaign Types separated into Email Campaigns and SMS Campaigns
  • Admin Console with Permission management and Data source management


Precise Marketing

  • Marketing recommendation
  • Effective Analysis
  • Marketing  forecast




Sales Return

  • Return management

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