New Retail Solution Package B

Understand that you might have more than one store and outlet and inability to handle multiple marketing needs,  complex operation and staff managing. Package B is the essential package for you to expand your business. Other than enhanced versions of E-commerce & CRM, this package provides All-in-One solutions like Operation Enhancement Solutions, Inventory Management Solutions, Fulfilment Enhancement Solution, Business Intelligence Solution as well as HR management Solution. 


Feeling not good enough?

What about Datalake Solutions and Cloud Server Infra that are also included in the package to improve your business efficiency.

Are you facing the problems below?

  • Difficult to track valuable metrics
  • Unable to strengthen business and stakeholder relationships
  • Inability to handle multiple marketing needs
  • Manual handling of employee leaves, claims and attendance

Our Solutions

Ecommerce Solution

Smart Commerce
A simple yet dynamic ecommerce used to expand reach and growth into new channels, geographies, and sell online to both businesses and consumers all within one platform.

Product Information Management
A centralized inventory for businesses to enrich their product information through the supplier portal.

Marketplace Hub
An omnichannel order management system that enables business to view, manage and process all orders across multiple marketplaces.

Sales & Promotion
An applet that serves as a channel to manage and update promotional periods, price and campaign conditions.


Membership Mobile App
A dynamic app with features that enhances customers’ shopping experience.


Member Registration Mobile App
Eases the manual registration process for new members in a quick and efficient way all within a single application.

Operation Enhancement Solution

Operation Enhancement
Auto order processing: View, track and process your orders received across channels and be updated at all times throughout the order journey from receiving to getting it delivered.


Auto Payment Processing & Matching
Automate order and payment processing across multiple channel to categories payment matching overview.


Retail ERP Solution
Web based software specifically aimed at transforming business processes into a single complete and well coordinated mechanism.

Inventory Management

B2B Portal
A centralized procurement portal consisting of a supplier and back office capabilities.



Auto Replenishment System
An applet that leverages on integrated demand forecasting algorithms and automatic order generation to create automatic replenishment plans and order.

Fulfilment Enhancement Solution

E- Delivery Order Applet
Enhanced interaction between drivers and customers from item loading & checking to customer acknowledgement and service rating and more.



Delivery Management Applet
Empower delivery management system with workforce management solution that combines back-office capabilities with field based connectivity.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Data Analytics
Visual data that illustrates your business’ performance by leveraging on business data metrics so you can better manage resources and business operations.

HR Management Solution

HRM Mobile Solution
A solution built to give away the traditional method of recruitment and give way by involving technology to measure HRM metrics to provide added value to the organisation.

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