Why Do You Need To Digitalize Your F&B Business In 2023

Why Do You Need To Digitalize Your F&B Business In 2023

Many of us can agree that digitalization of the Food and Beverage (F & B) business to save their manpower costs. However, digitization of your F&B does not just stop at automation of your food ordering processes. With a standalone F&B system, you could elevate your customer’s entire experiences in your shop. Other than that, with all the customers’ data gathered in your system, your F&B business can be continuously enhanced to fulfill the changing demands of your customers. Curious to know how digitalization could improve your F&B business? Here we will discuss 3 competitive advantages you can obtain when your F&B business is digitalized.

Why Do You Need To Digitalize Your F&B Business In 2023

  1. Streamline Operations
  2. Customizable Platform
  3. Loyalty Program

  • Streamline Operations

Ever faced situations where the customer’s order does not match with the kitchen’s order or the customer’s bill? With a conventional food ordering system, chances are the order will be passed to several staff and human error might occur in between. For instance, the waiter might note down the incorrect food code or incorrect food quantity, hence resulting in the kitchen preparing the wrong food. Other than that, the cashier might be the one who keys in the order wrongly on the POS system, resulting in an incorrect bill. This is when the streamlined food ordering system comes into play. With this system, once the customer made an order through the online ordering system, the order would be sent directly to the kitchen and the POS system. With that, it would greatly reduce the losses of your business due to incorrect orders and increase your customers’ satisfaction when they get exactly what they have ordered.

  • Customizable Platform

To digitize your F&B business, the idea of using a third party system might come across your mind. However, one thing that a third party system could not provide is customization. Your control on the food ordering system format would be greatly limited. For example, some third party systems will have a fixed menu presentation format that all merchants have to follow, restricting the merchant to insert unique elements that represent their store. With a standalone F&B system, you can easily personalize the color, font type and even the size of the image that you would like to show your customer, hence enticing your customer with your shop’s unique shop branding. 

  • Loyalty Program 

Even though extra effort will be required to customize your online ordering system, it still does not stop F&B merchants such as Family Mart, Mcdonalds and Empire Sushi from doing so.  This is because having a standalone F&B system means that you can access all your customers’ information including their background details, contact details and also their food ordering behaviors on your system. With that information, you can establish your own unique loyalty programs with elements such as stamp collection, tier membership system and birthday promotions that could fulfill your customers’ unique needs and expectations. Having a standalone F&B system also means that you could send promotional notification to the customers at your own convenience. Therefore, all these unique membership benefits  would develop a strong attraction for your customer towards your business, making your business stand out in the market.

All in all, digitalization of your F&B system does not just reduce your operating costs but it also improves your customer’s overall experience with your business. However, you might be thinking that a standalone F&B system is a tool that could only be afforded by big companies. Good news is Senwave is offering F&B business digitalization solutions at an affordable cost even for small and medium enterprises. We also strive to assist customers in selecting the most suitable solutions for their business. Feel free to reach out to Senwave,  for the solutions to your problems.