Things To Keep In Mind While Making A Telemarketing Call

Things To Keep In Mind While Making A Telemarketing Call

According to Linkedin, cold calling success rate is only 2%. On the other hand, certain companies’ telemarketing could achieve a 30% call conversion rate. The secret behind their success actually lies on how they see the role of  telemarketing in their business. Instead of seeing telemarketing as a starting point to approach the customers, they see telemarketing as an important touch point to further engage their customers. Wondering how do companies achieve that? Here, we will discuss the things to keep in mind while making a telemarketing call.

Things To Keep In Mind While Making A Telemarketing Call

  1. Relevance To The Customer Interest
  2. Rapport Building With The Customers
  3. Rewarding The Customers

Relevance To The Customer Interest

Ever receive a telemarketing call about property or personal loan which you have zero interest on? This is what happened when business did not do proper customer targeting. Instead of  blindly calling strangers, it is vital for business to understand the targeted customers that would be interested in the products and services you are offering. One of the groups of customers with the highest interest in your products are your previous customers. For example, if the customer bought a television from you, some products that the customer might have high interest in could be soundbar and dvd players. This shows that telemarketers have to always keep track of the customer interest, so relevant products and services that interest customers could be promoted during the call. When the customer interest is taken into account during the telemarketing calls, it would significantly increase your buy-in on the customers, hence improving your telemarketing results.

Rapport Building With The Customers

According to Smith, your success rate to invite your customer to a physical meeting will quadruple if there is a previous engagement with the customer before the call. Imagine if you receive a call from an unknown number, would you pick up the call with no doubt? Chances are you will pick up the unknown call with hesitation and take what he or she said with a pinch of salt. This is because we usually are less defensive towards telemarketers whom we are familiar with as compared with the telemarketers who are complete strangers to us. Hence, to do effective telemarketing, not only that what is the content of the call matters, who is the one calling the customers matters a lot too! However, if it is the first time for you to call the customer, you can start by building rapport with the customer instead of jumping straight to your sales pitch. As such, if the rapport is successfully built with customers, it will make the customers less resistant to the sales pitch and significantly increase the success rate of the telemarketing.

Rewarding The Customers

As stated above, knowing the customers is crucial in telemarketing. Thus, one question that telemarketers have to keep in mind while calling a customer is “What is in it for the customer?”. If you call without knowing the answer, chances are the customer’s interest to engage will gradually drop while you continue on with your sales pitch. This is because a telemarketing call is usually seen as an interruption towards what the person you are calling. Thus, it is crucial for you to mention how the product and service could potentially benefit the customer, or how the product or service could address the person’s pain point. For example, there is a massive flood that hit your customer housing area. In this case,  if you are selling electrical appliances, it would be a good time to promote your latest electric appliance deals to this group of customers as there is a high chance that they are looking for new electrical appliances to replace the spoiled ones. Besides, the second question to ask yourself when you do a telemarketing call is “Why is it now?”. From the previous example, you can continue on the telemarketing calls by sharing your limited time and stock deals to further entice the customer to make a quick purchase decision. If you are clear with the answers for both of the questions, it will make your call sounds more appealing to your customer, hence increasing your sales conversion rate. As such, this further supports that, as a telemarketer, you have to be clear on the customers interest to make sure that the solution you are offering makes their life easier and not the other round. If we have customers’ interest and history on our fingertips, that would make the whole telemarketing process easier.


All in all, telemarketing can be an effective tool to increase your sales team performance. However, it is important to take note of these few points stated above in order to increase your telemarketing conversion rate. Nevertheless, as stated above,  before you can start making telemarketing calls, you have to know your customer well. Information like purchase history, their interest and even the sales person who previously engaged with the customer should be compiled and understood. Usually, in order to gather all this information, it might take hours of your time daily to compile all this information together.  Now, what if I tell you that there is a solution that could help you manage all this data in one interface that allows you easily update, amend and track all your customer data effortlessly? The good news is, in Senwave, we offer telemarketing solutions at an affordable cost  even for SME as we aim to help our customers by suggesting the most suitable solutions for their business. Feel free to reach out to Senwave,  for the solutions to your problems.