3 Ways To Implement CRM Into Your Retail Operations

3 Ways To Implement CRM Into Your Retail Operations

CRM is a retailer’s best friend and most powerful tool in improving customer experience as well as increasing profits! Studies have shown that retailers that implement CRM actually help salespeople to achieve their sales kpi 66% of the time whereas those who do not use CRM could hit their kpi 22% of the time! Although CRM is such a powerful tool, it is oftentimes overlooked as only 18% of Retailers actually utilize CRM! You may be wondering, who in their right mind would not want to use a CRM despite its benefits? Well, turns out a lot of retailers seem to not have an idea of where they can begin implementing CRM! If you are in the same boat too, I’ve got good news for you! Here we will discuss and share 3 ways you can begin implementing CRM into your retail operations!


3 Ways To Implement CRM Into Your Retail Operations

  1. Keep Track Of Your Vouchers
  2. Take Care Of Your Members
  3. Target Specific Audiences



Keep Track Of Your Vouchers


Within the retail industry, one of the quickest ways to the customers heart would be to provide vouchers as well as membership points that can be redeemed for discounts or items to customers. However, keeping track of these vouchers may be tedious. Fortunately CRM is here to help you! With CRM in place, we can set up an auto reminder to customers whenever they have vouchers about to expire or items they can redeem with their points! Take Shopee and Lazada for example, most customers would claim and forget about a voucher, but with Shopee and Lazada, we won’t need to worry about vouchers expiring! Besides, reminding customers of vouchers can not only benefit the customer but the business too! Customers would be eager to use their vouchers, and that means sales for the business! 


Take myself for example, recently I’ve just received a push notification telling me that my voucher for the shop was about to expire. My first thought process was “I should use this before it expires” and I ended up buying a RM 199 board game just so I could use the RM 25 voucher. It was something I always wanted to buy and thanks to the push notification, I was able to finally buy it and the shop was definitely happy as it was a low sales period for them! As such, CRM can collect all of these voucher data and assist you in keeping track of the vouchers your customers have and give them a little nudge to pamper themselves with your products and services!



Take Care Of Your Members


Ever received a birthday greeting or a gentle festive greeting from a friend? It feels warm doesn’t it when we receive that sort of greeting? Well retailers can also provide that warm fuzzy feeling to our customers too by utilizing CRM to organize data and send out birthday wishes and other festive greetings personalized to your customer! Back then it would be a hassle to take note of whose birthday was on a calendar, but with CRM, it’s a matter of minutes! Last month, I was looking for a place to have my birthday dinner but there were just too many options for me to pick that I couldn’t decide. One week before my birthday, I received this sweet little message by one of the restaurants. They even attached a link for me to book a reservation immediately! Seeing that I went for it and the rest was history!


When it comes to improving customer experience, it can’t get better than sending festive and birthday wishes to customers. Furthermore, by attaching a thoughtful message and a recommended product or service to our customers during these wishes can actually make things convenient for the customer as all they need to do is to press a link to be in contact with someone or reserve a product/ time slot! With CRM this can be done consistently and efficiently.



Target Specific Audiences


Ever had the experience where one minute you were talking to your friend about a certain product and the next minute you are shown advertisements of said products? Well that kind of targeted advertising comes from customer data. These data help us to understand our customers more and provide better offerings for customers! Just recently, the place where I bought my ukulele sent me a complimentary introduction class in strumming patterns while introducing a Trade in program for a handcrafted one of a kind ukulele. For a little bit of context, The last time I bought a ukulele from them was 4 years ago and the ukulele I had was a little worn from use. As such, the message came at the right moment and I traded my ukulele in for the one of a kind “Sipadan” (Named after the Sipadan Island near Sabah) Ukulele with a turtle carved on it! 


This would be an example of targeting specific audiences by CRM. CRM collects data of when the customer last purchased an item, how much was the transaction value, age, birthday etc and uses this data to help us better target customers that are interested in our offerings or campaigns! This helps to reduce cost, increase sales and create a better customer experience overall. All in all, CRM can help to drive sales to your retail store while making your customers’ journey a smooth, easy and convenient one!

As we can see here, CRM does bring a ton of benefits to retailers and can be implemented in these manners. However, these are not the only way to implement CRM, CRM can be used to promote referrals, personalize the whole customer purchase process and many more. Interested to find out more about how you can implement CRM into your retail operations? Wondering where you could find an affordable CRM solution that suits your business needs?  Look no further, in Senwave, we aim to help our customers to save their cost by suggesting the most suitable solutions for their business. Feel free to reach out to Senwave,  for the solutions to your problems.