How To Make A Follow Up Call?

How To Make A Follow Up Call?

Survey shows that only 2% of sales are closed during the first exposure of the customers toward the business. It means that businesses will lose 98% of the chance to close the sales if they did not make any attempt to follow up. Same thing applies in telemarketing. Beyond establishing the first point of contact through cold calling, follow up calls could also be done to bring prospects one step closer to becoming your customer. To make a successful follow up call, there are certain tips and techniques that can be applied to increase your prospects’ buy-in. Let’s explore how to make a professional follow up call!

How To Make A Follow Up Call?

  1. Go Straight To The Problem Or Opportunity
  2. Share Previous Customer’s Example Or Story
  3. Remember To Ask Trial Close Sales Questions


Go Straight To The Problem Or Opportunity


Usually after the telemarketers’ introduction, the follow up call would start off with a question such as “Have you gone through the information I have sent you?”. If the customer is distracted with his or her task on hand, this closed ended question would usually end up with “No, I am not interested”. To increase more buy-in from the customer, telemarketers can go straight to the problem or opportunity.  Assuming that the customer has gone through the information, telemarketers can repeat the problem the customer shared in the last call, following with a question about the information sent to the customer such as “How do you find our products/solutions?” or  “ Which product/solution in our quotation suits you best?”.  If the customer replies that he or she has not gone through the information, telemarketers can guide the customer to go through the information together with the customer by saying “Let’s go through the information I sent you together. Meanwhile, feel free to ask me if you have any questions.”. This would gradually guide the customer to focus on the topic of interest of the call and prompt the customer to move one step forward in the sales processes. 


Share Previous Customer’s Example Or Story 


Ever received a telemarketing call that bombarded you with a list of  benefits of their product or services? After they finish their sharing, would you be able to recall any of them? Chances are you might not remember them because some “benefits” mentioned by them are irrelevant to you. Hence, this type of telemarketing approach would usually end up with “I am not interested.” To make the telemarketing sales pitches sound more attractive, they should focus on sharing how previous customers in similar situations could solve their problem with a solution or product the telemarketers are offering. For example, telemarketers could say that “ Your situation actually reminds me of one of my previous customers who was also in the same situation as you. I am wondering if you might be interested in knowing how our product/solution helps that customer to address the situation?”.  As the telemarketers’ sharing is relevant to the customers, this would trigger the interest of the customer to know more about the product/solution, making the customer more patient in listening to your sales pitch.


Remember To Ask Trial Close Sales Questions


Before customers hang up the call, one thing that telemarketers must remember is trial close sales. Without trial close sales questions like this after the sales pitch, customers would usually say that they will get back to you once they made up their mind to purchase from you. If  the customer shows interest during the follow up call, it is crucial for the telemarketers to grab the opportunity and prompt the customer with questions such as “how do you think this product/solution can help in your situation?” and  “How much time and money can your team members save with this product/ solution?”. In addition, it is also a good time to share your time limited deals to the customers to further prompt the customer to make the buying decision. This would then expedite the sales processes and help telemarketers to get one step closer in closing the sales.

All in all, when telemarketers are making a follow-up call, these are certain steps that could be taken to increase the buy-in of the prospect. However, to gather all the required customer data and interest, it might take hours of your time every day to look through multiple excel sheets before you start to make follow up calls. The good news is, with the right tools, your business can be saved from the time-consuming customers’ data management and focus on tasks that help to maintain the relationships with your prospects and customers. Wondering where you could find an affordable CRM solution that suits your business needs?  Look no further, in Senwave, we aim to help our customers to save their cost by suggesting the most suitable solutions for their business. Feel free to reach out to Senwave,  for the solutions to your problems.