3 Things You Must Know Before Calling Your Customer

3 Things You Must Know Before Calling Your Customer

As you recall the amount of telemarketing calls you have rejected in the past few weeks, it makes you wonder whether telemarketing still works or not in today’s market. Nevertheless, according to Lead Boxer, your telemarketing conversion rate could be as high as 14.6% if the right strategies are used. One thing that differentiate a high performing telemarketing team and a normal telemarketing team is the preparation done before the telemarketing calls. Wondering what is the secret behind their effective telemarketing calls? Let’s explore some of the things you have to prepare before calling your customer!

3 Things You Must Know Before Calling Your Customer

  1. Customer’s Previous Exposure With Your Company
  2. How The Call Could Bring Your Customer One Step Closer To Purchase
  3. The Objective Of Your Call


Customer’s Previous Exposure With Your Company


As you scroll through your social media without specific intention, you see a lot of advertisements. Until one advertisement post catches your attention, you decide to click in to know more about the product or service the post is offering. After that, you sign up for their newsletter and register an account with the company. Then, you start to receive telemarketing messages or even telemarketing calls from the company. In the telemarketing messages and calls, they remind you of your interest in the company products that you have long forgotten. That is the time when telemarketers share about the latest deals on the product and services.  As you receive this information, it reignites your interest and it prompts you to make the purchase decision. In this example, it shows how knowing customers’ previous exposure with your company would make your telemarketing calls and messages to be more targeted for your customer.


How The Call Could Bring Your Customer One Step Closer To Purchase


Ever receive calls that inform you on your membership points, voucher or exciting deals that are going to expire or end soon? Recently, I received a telemarketing call regarding an exciting deal. As I  had previously shared my interest in the product with the sales person, the deals he mentioned in the follow up call became irresistible for me. This shows that it is important to know which stage a customer is in the sales process before calling the customer. Knowing the customer whether he or she is in the awareness stage or evaluation for alternatives stage would make a big difference on what to focus on during the call. This would help telemarketers better understand how to bring customers closer towards the purchase decision. 


The Objective Of Your Call


In a usual telemarketing call, It will start off with the introduction of his or her name and organization. After that, they will start “pushing” you the company’s service and product. Sometimes, they would even bombarded you with tons of new information that sounds overwhelming and controlling. This is the time when your defensive mechanism is triggered and all information shared is being blocked outside of your mind no matter how true the information is. All you can think of is the excuse that you are going to use to reject his or her invitation or offer to you. This is how it would look if there is no specific objective for the telemarketing call. Thus, it is vital for telemarketers to predetermine the telemarketing calls objective before the call is made, depending on the customer’s previous exposure to the company and the customers’ feedback on the previous calls. For example, the objective of the call could range from invitation of new customers to the physical in-store, invitation of members to exclusive member events to  reminders on the soon-to-end member deals. When the call’s content is being structured in a manner that aligns with customer previous exposure and interest, the telemarketing call would be more straight to the point, hence increasing the buy-in of the customers.

All in all, these are the 3  things you must know to make your telemarketing calls more effective. However, to gather all this information, you realize that your telemarketers have to spend a lot of time to extract information from several databases and to ask among team members to know more about the customer they are going to call. Wondering whether there is an app that can help you simplify this tedious information gathering process? Good news, we’re here to help improve your telemarketing team’s efficiency and suggest the most suitable software for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Senwave, for the solutions to all your problems.