3 Tips For Successful Telemarketing

3 Tips For Successful Telemarketing

Now, let’s take a moment to recall the numbers of telemarketing calls you have received in a week. How many of them did you accept their request, invitation or made any purchase on the calls? Chances are many of them are being rejected. You might be thinking “is telemarketing an outdated sales strategy?” and “Should I invest my resources in telemarketing?” According to AppointmentSetting, 82% of the people have accepted the request of the sales person to meet up after a few times of telemarketing calls. It shows that telemarketing still somehow contributes to the success of closing sales. With that, if telemarketing is still relevant, the next big question would be “ how can I increase the effectiveness of my telemarketing calls?” Let’s take a deeper look at how we can achieve successful telemarketing through these 3 tips!

3 Tips For Successful Telemarketing

  1. Understand Your Objective
  2. Speak Slowly And Clearly
  3. Expect Objections Or “No, Thank You” Be Prepared To Have A Conversation


Understand Your Objective


Before telemarketers make a call, they have to be certain on the specific objective they aim to achieve. This would determine the tone of speech and the types of questions telemarketers use. For example, if it is cold calling, the purpose of the call is to create awareness. Focus on education and building relationships instead of pushing the customer the latest promotion. If it is warm calling, people who have some prior understanding of your products might be interested in the product that you are offering. Thus, telemarketers can focus more on sharing the unique value and benefits of the product to further entice this group of people toward the products. Based on the group of the people telemarketers are targeting, structure specific questions that would lead to the objective. This would get the telemarketing call straight to the point, decreasing the chances of people losing patience and eventually hanging up the call.


Speak Slowly And Clearly


“Hi! This is …..calling from…..” Does this remind you of your recent experiences on getting a telemarketing call? Without asking the telemarketer to repeat, would you usually be able to follow the pace of the telemarketer and be able to understand the purpose of their call? Chances are you are in the midst of your work or drive, and you are probably not expecting a telemarketing call at that time. From the perspective of the people who receive the call, we usually feel overwhelmed after being bombarded with a series of sentences from the telemarketer in the beginning of the call. Hence, despite the nervousness and the fear of people hanging up the telemarketing call, telemarketers should speak slowly and clearly to enable people to understand what is being said. This would greatly reduce the chances of people hanging up the call without even understanding the purpose of the telemarketing call.


Expect Objections Or “No, Thank You”


Telemarketers would normally prepare a telemarketing script before they make the call. However, people do not give the same responses toward the questions asked by the telemarketers. As people with different degrees of interest might respond to the question differently, telemarketers have to be flexible and react according to the  actual response of the people they call. When the people show disinterest and signals that they are busy handling their work, it might not be a good time to continue on with the telemarketing script. Instead, the telemarketers could ask them on their next available time to receive the call or ask for another contact if they are not the right people to be contacted. There might also be times when people directly reject the call with “no, thank you”. It might indicate that it is not the best time to call the person. In this case, be prepared to let it go. After that,  politely thank the person and try to approach them another day. With that, people would form a good first impression towards the telemarketer and your company, thus increasing the buy-in of the people towards future telemarketing calls from your company. 

All in all, telemarketers should not fixate on just one telemarketing script to approach all types of customers. Thinking from the perspectives of the people who receive the call would help telemarketers to obtain more successful telemarketing calls. If you are also interested in taking your telemarketing team to the next level, a telemarketing app might be able to help. Especially when you have more than hundreds or even thousands potential customers to be approached via telemarketing, a telemarketing app would effectively help you manage and monitor your telemarketing team. Thinking about where you can get telemarketing apps at an affordable price? Good news is we’re here to help you cut costs in your operations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Senwave, for the solutions to all your problems.