Does Your CRM Need A PUSH?

Does Your CRM Need A PUSH?

Let’s do a simple experiment. As you are reading this article, what I’d like you to do would be to use a short 10 seconds to check the notifications you have received on any of your devices. Done? Was there anything that caught your attention but you felt that you needed to finish this article before checking it out? Well, that’s actually the very secret and simple element in improving CRM – PUSH Notifications. Now hold your horses, before you end up checking that very enticing deal or interesting notification, let’s take a deeper look at how push notifications can actually improve your companies’ CRM efforts!


Does Your CRM Need A PUSH?

  1. Sometimes, All A Customer Needs Is Just A PUSH
  2. PUSH Notification, PULL Customers
  3. PUSH Sales The Right Way



Sometimes, All A Customer Needs Is Just A PUSH

Cart abandonment as we know it is a very common scenario as many customers are interested in the product just not interested to purchase it at that moment. However, push notifications not only help you to increase your sales but it also helps maintain if not improve customer experience and relationship with us. Just last week there was a particular game I was interested in buying and saw that it was on discount on one of the platforms. I added it into the cart but did not check out yet. I forgot about it and the 50% discount was gone when I checked back and I was absolutely devastated! Similarly, there were a few projects I was interested in supporting on Kickstarter but did not support yet. However, I was surprised as they sent out a reminder 48 hours, 24 hours, 12 hours and 3 hours before the project ends which gave me ample time to back the project and secure the benefits of doing so! From then onwards I felt comfortable using Kickstarter and saving items because I know for a fact they would notify me whenever I was running out of time! Take it from me, push notifications can not only help your customers save money (in my case it was RM 100+) but it also creates trust and convenience for your customers!


PUSH Notification, PULL Customers

Ever looked at your database and found out that many of your members or previous customers were inactive? Well push notifications could actually help re-engage these customers and help the business to maintain a healthy stable relationship with the customers! I believe the recent 11.11 sales have caused many if not all of us to spend and purchase products or items due to the discounts, amazing deals and vouchers! This certainly attracted many customers including my aunt who had been quite inactive in online shopping after MCO had ended. She recently got back into online shopping back in 5.5. quoting that “The deals were amazing and I instantly jumped back into the online shopping world” After that, she had been consistently shopping online, making an average monthly purchase of RM 500 just from online shopping. The reason? She received lots of cute event-related notifications (e.g. Recent rainy season got your mood down? Here are some limited edition umbrellas for you! They may not cheer you up, but they can definitely stop you from being sad and wet! :3) and that was reason enough for her to consistently shop online! A simple push notification could not only just reach out to inactive customers, but may even brighten their day and create a good impression of the company for them.


PUSH Sales The Right Way

As a business, it’s obvious that CRM is to maintain great customer relations while also assisting in an increase in sales. Some may feel that both are contradicting but it’s actually relatively easy to overcome this contradiction. Take myself as an example, I recently bought some ergonomic products for me and my family. 2 weeks after the initial purchase, I received a message that goes something like “These ergonomic products have (my name) written all over it, check it out!” So I got curious and lo and behold, I was surprised by the product selection offered and was never aware of the existence of said new products. I ended up spending from an initial spending of RM 70 on the store to spending RM 260 on the store, thanks to this simple notification. The magical thing? I felt like it was the best purchase ever because it was exactly what we needed but were never aware they existed! Through personalization, I was given product recommendations that I needed while the business gets to earn more, an absolute win-win!

Push notifications may often be overlooked but it actually brings about tons of benefits when it comes to CRM. This is especially true since there are millions of applications and businesses out there, to truly stand out means you have to attract your customers and maintain good CRM. Interested in looking for a better CRM software or looking to learn more about how you can improve your CRM at an affordable price? Look no further, we’re here to help you cut costs in your company’s operations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Senwave, for the solutions to all your problems.