Are You Using Telemarketing Just To Get New Customers?

Are You Using Telemarketing Just To Get New Customers?

Before we go further about the benefits of telemarketing, oftentimes the perception of telemarketing is more towards getting new customers to generate more revenue for the organization. However, telemarketing can also assist in re-engaging existing customers too. This is especially true since technology in the past year has been constantly evolving and still developing, many functions of telemarketing now allow for a better experience for customers.


Why Telemarketing Is A Great Tool To Re-Engage With Customers?


  1. Multiple touch points
  2. Automated leads generation through app
  3. One-to-one communication


Multiple touch points


There are many touch points in the modern retail landscape. A modern customer could know or hear about your products through many channels such as online website, app, advertisements, pass by your offline shops etc. 


Do we purchase the products by the 1st time hearing it? Possible, but less likely. Customers are more likely to purchase products after multiple exposure to the products. Therefore, re-engaging customers is a crucial way. An effective telemarketing is no longer using a hard-sell approach, instead, using a soft sell approach would work better. Some examples would be selling vouchers, sharing product information, collecting customers’ feedback etc. All these give us a chance to get in touch with customers, to improve awareness of our brand/products and build better relationships with them. Even the soft sell approach in telemarketing may not see immediate results, it will bring higher revenue to the company eventually, as customers may move around different touch points such as mobile apps or e-commerce websites to understand and purchase the products.



Automated leads generation through telemarketing app


One of the most hassle parts about telemarketing is it is quite manual – manually filter the leads to call, non-systematic way of tracking telemarketing activities and outcome. One of our clients, Senheng, has used our Telemarketing app, where they no longer need to do it the manual way, as the app does it all. The Senheng Telemarketing app pushes ten conducive for calling leads to each telemarketer at a time. Once a telemarketer has done calls and has updated the calling statuses, the app will auto-replenish another batch of ten new leads to the telemarketer. If the customer decides to purchase a brand voucher, the telemarketer will send a purchase link to the customer for payment. Once the customer clicks on the link, the system will check if the customer’s PlusOne membership is still active.  If it expires, the webpage will automatically advise the customer to renew the membership before purchasing the brand voucher.This has helped to increase the number of Senheng (Membership) App downloads, where the customers are able to view their e-voucher, purchase history, PlusOne points and other benefits in this one app.


Taking Senheng as an example, it has saved a lot of time and work and can help the company to focus on customer engagement. Isn’t it amazing when all these processes become automated? We could even set the types of campaign we want using the telemarketing app. To set up a re-engagement campaign, no problem. Just a click away.



One-to-one communication


Last but not least, we go back to basic of telemarketing whereby a calling is the best way to re-engage with customers because of the human touch. 


Senheng’s first telemarketing initiative is to give warm birthday wishes and reward customers with birthday vouchers. Customers feel much more appreciated and have better rapport that helps telemarketers to achieve sales without hard selling.


Through telemarketing, we could show our empathy and understand customers from their shoes. Also, with the trust that has been built, customers would be more willing to share their opinions and suggestions that can help us to improve our customer service.

If you are thinking of maximizing your telemarketing efforts, and want to automate your telemarketing activities, you have come to the right place. Feel free to ask us about how our telemarketing app could help you to achieve your goals and boost your business revenue.