Is Telemarketing Outdated Or Still Effective ?

Is Telemarketing Outdated Or Still Effective ?

Receiving complaints from your customer who obtained several calls from your company in one day? Wondering whether telemarketing can really help your business grow? Wondering why some of the top companies still invest in telemarketing strategies?

With all the products and services information readily accessible on the internet, you might wonder whether telemarketing still serves its purposes, especially when you also have many negative personal experiences on the telemarketing calls that you have received. According to Rain Group, 70%  of the salespeople approach their customers for potential physical meetings via phone call. In addition, 82% of consumers accept to go for a meeting in their early buying stages. Thus, it shows that telemarketing still plays an important role in the sales process. 


Is Telemarketing Outdated Or Still Effective ?

  1. Duplication Calls 
  2. No Proper Telemarketing Tracking System

Duplication Calls 


Without a systematic telemarketing strategy, It can really backfire a company. One of the examples would be Senheng, the number 1 consumer electronic appliance store in Malaysia. When MCO 1.0 happened, all the non-essential industries were forced to stop operating and all these businesses were being significantly affected. After this happened, Senheng decided to convert the sales team to telemarketers to call 1.5 million lapsed customers. Each outlet was assigned with a 1,000 customer list. However, customers complained that they received many calls from different sales partners in just one day.  As every sales partner in the same outlet receives the same customer list. Without knowing which customers had not yet been called, different telemarketers called the same customer. 


No Proper Telemarketing Tracking System


With this many customers to be called,  the second challenge was the inability of management to track the record and progress for each customer. Which telemarketer called which customer? How many customers made purchases? How many customers have to be followed up? It became worse when the telemarketers did not know the lapsed customers full details, resulting in some of the customers who had been called to think that the telemarketing calls were scams. All these had not just resulted in ineffective telemarketing results, but also troubled the management to manage the telemarketing calls of every sales partner.


This was the time when telemarketing app was developed for Senheng. With the app, 10 leads will be automatically assigned to each sales partner. Thus, it will prevent the telemarketers from  calling the same customer.  Once the leads are finished, it will be replenished with another 10 new leads. This helped the telemarketers to reduce their waiting time, hence more time could be used to do telemarketing. Besides, the telemarketing app also helps tracking the customers’ response to the telemarketing call. For example, if the customers were interested, rejected, did not pick up the call, or even need to follow up, the telemarketing app would track all these activities and help management in determining the next course of action for different types of customers’ response. For the telemarketers, they could easily access customers’ details and previous customers shopping activities, hence increasing customers’ confidence towards the telemarketers. With the use of telemarketing apps, based on January 2021 to May 2021 data, telemarketing has contributed to 10% of total Senheng sales, and brought in RM64 million of sales!


All in all, the telemarketing app has really helped Senheng to improve their sales.  If you are also interested in taking your telemarketing team to the next level, a telemarketing app might be able to help. Especially if you have more than hundreds or even thousands potential customers to be approached via telemarketing, a telemarketing app would effectively help you manage and monitor your telemarketing team. Interested in how you could get a telemarketing app at an affordable price? Good news is, we do provide efficient solutions for your business. Feel free to reach out to Senwave, for the solutions to all your problems.