3 Effective Promotions To Boost Your F&B Sales

3 Effective Promotions To Boost Your F&B Sales

Promotion is one of the ways new F&B businesses capture more new customers. Only if it is done right, it can turn the newly acquired customers into loyal customers.

Back in the days, F&B outlets always gave customers books of coupons, birthday special vouchers and stamp collection cards to encourage their next visit. However, one of the biggest frustrations shared by customers is that we would never remember to bring the coupon and voucher with us during our next visit to the F&B outlet. Let’s be honest, who will keep all the physical vouchers and coupons in their wallet or bag all the time? Usually, when we need the store-specific coupons and vouchers, it just magically disappears. Even though we keep the voucher well, it is truly saddening when we cannot use the voucher because they have expired.

Whenever these scenarios happen, it might discourage the customers from purchasing more from the F&B outlets and even affect their dining experiences at the outlet.

On the other hand, what if customers don’t have to keep their physical vouchers? What if customers could even be automatically reminded to use them before the vouchers or promotions expire? Based on ReatilMeNotInc survey, it suggested that more than 30% of the dinner would search for promotion deals before eating out. Thus, making your promotion easily accessible on your customers phone would definitely help to increase your F&B business’s sales.

3 Effective Promotions To Boost Your F&B Sales


  1. Limited Time Offers And Today Special
  2. Voucher And Coupon Campaign
  3. Loyalty Programme Benefits



As a customer, I am always elated when my favourite shop launches special promotional deals.
I usually fail to resist visiting that shop before the promotion ends, especially when the promotion deals have a short promotion period. For example, without prior notice, MCD always launches their RM 1.99 latte promotion for just two weeks. After receiving the promotion news from the MCD apps, I would make a plan to visit MCD to get the latte before the promotion ends. Thus, this shows how F&B businesses could leverage on their own F&B apps notifications functions to remind customers to visit their F&B outlets.




Besides, vouchers and coupons that are being stored digitally in my online account is another thing that contributes to my impulsive purchase. For instance, Family Mart has various types of bundle vouchers for ice cream, milk tea and onigiri. Even though the voucher will only be valid for one month, I still feel tempted to buy the voucher because I can save more than 40% from my purchase. Therefore, F&B businesses could take advantage of this type of consumer behavior that would not mind buying more in advance if consumers can get their food or drinks at a discounted price. From this scenario, it shows how the voucher campaign excites customers to purchase more and how the campaign could “lock”  the customers to your brand.


Recently, when I went to a noodle shop, I was being introduced to the shop’s loyalty programme. As I was about to reject the kind invitation, the cashier told me about the points I could earn and how it could be used as cash rebate on my next purchase. With just a few details to fill in, I accepted his invitation to join the loyalty programme promptly. After that, the fact that I have points to be redeemed in my loyalty account just simply comes across my mind every time I want to eat out. With this kind of loyalty programme benefit, it would definitely become one of the reasons that attracts your customers to visit your F&B outlets again in the near  future.  From this scenario, it shows how the loyalty programme helps to promote customers’ stickiness to your brand and to eventually build a long-term customer relationship.


All in all, building a standalone F&B app could bring positive growth to your F&B business.
If you weigh the return of sales in a long-term perspective, it will definitely be more than your initial investment to develop your own F&B app. Interested in bringing your F&B business to the next level and investing in your own F&B app with an affordable price? Good news is, we do provide efficient solutions for your business. Feel free to reach out to Senwave, for the  solutions to all your problems.