3 Keys To Win In F&B Businesses In Post-Pandemic World

3 Keys To Win In F&B Businesses In Post-Pandemic World

3 Keys To  Win In F&B Businesses In Post-Pandemic World

  1. Contactless ordering and payment methods
  2. Food delivery system
  3. Right offering for your customers



Can you imagine even mamak in Malaysia have started to use robot waiters to deliver customers’ dine-in orders? Believe it or not, that was what caught my attention and made me stop my phone browsing routine while I waited for my food to arrive at a PJ mamak. On another day, I went to a Korean fried chicken restaurant. I called a waitress to take my order but she mentioned that all the orders and payment in the restaurant are no longer physical and need to be done through their website. What I need to do is to scan the QR code. Simple and seamless. 

But, to be honest, for my first few visits, I felt really uncomfortable with that because I was more used to the human interaction and getting the recommendation from the waiter or waitress. However, in my recent dine-in experiences, I felt more used to the contactless method, as it is safer for both me and the restaurant workers in this endemic-to-be situation.


Other than new normal dine-in experiences, I have recently found out that a lot more F&B retailers are offering food delivery or self collection service using their own customized system. We will reveal the trend of current Malaysians’ favorite food ordering method in our next article.

Nevertheless, food delivery or self collection methods have significantly saved my time to wait for my food to be ready. I personally prefer pre-order to save up additional delivery costs. Before I finish my work, I would make an order on the system. On the way back to my house, I would collect the food from the restaurant. And, I will get my tummy filled pretty quickly after a long day at work.



Any of you are McD fans here? I definitely am. With my great appetite, 1 McD is not enough for me, and I love to top up with Ayam Goreng McD (as part of mix and match set). And, you know, a set normally comes with french fries, which is kind of additional for me. But I have no choice, I want my Ayam Goreng at an affordable price. So, I always order the set. This has been my practice for the past 5 years.

And, recently, when I went to McD, I was about to buy the same set. And, to my surprise, McD started to offer the add-on Ayam Goreng with less than RM4.00, which is cheaper than the previous set. I felt like McD UNDERSTOOD me. With no second thought, I bought it, and brought back the food happily. 

From this experience, as a consumer, I would definitely love to go back to the F&B retailer who understands my needs, and be their loyal customer. What this means for you is, in order for us to secure our customer’s loyalty, we need to first understand what they need. And, how do we do that? Use data. Their past transaction data, their app behavior data etc. With all these data, only we will have a better understanding of their targeted customer preferences and needs,  thus creating irresistable offer to win in the market.

Managing a F&B retail business requires us to always be alert to the fast changing consumer preferences, so we can make quick and informed decisions that address the needs and demands of the customers. Nevertheless, it was not an easy task to keep track of everything without the aid of an automation system. Interested in bringing your F&B business to the next level? Good news is, we do provide efficient solutions for your business. Feel free to reach out to Senwave, for the solutions to all your problems.