3 Driving Trends in Business Digitalisation Today.

3 Driving Trends in Business Digitalisation Today.

All businesses have access to the same trends – it’s how you ride on it that counts.

The Covid-19 crisis has driven change in all sectors, making the future markedly different from how many of us envisioned it to be. With that background, this article explores the top three trends that are set to drive business digitalisation into new horizons.

1. Digital meets physical for the full omnichannel experience

Ever been on the receiving end of a TV Sync advertisement? 

You’re scrolling your phone while an advertisement runs on your television in the background, only for an ad to pop up on your phone telling you to focus on the advertisement on the TV. 

It’s not sorcery, simply technology which triggers digital ads to sync with your TV ads in real time. Cross-channel linking like this is a perfect example of the omnichannel experience – a seamless interplay between multiple channels.

As we look to the future, we can expect a blend of offline and online channels to provide consumers with highly-personalised experiences. This way, you can provide a tailor-fit customer journey that’s true to your brand – but still fits the individual customer’s behaviors and preferences.

2. Digital as the default

The pandemic may have changed how people work and interact with organizations, but people are still at the center of business. The only difference now being the need for digitalised processes to function optimally in today’s environment.

For today’s modern organisations, a digital-first mindset is key to anywhere operations and a scalable digital experience. Global advisory Gartner highlights the importance of developing a coherent digital workflow with cloud infrastructure across all business capabilities. 

3. Supply becomes unchained

According to a report by Deloitte on 2021 Tech Trends, supply chains are moving out of the back office into the front lines.

Retailers, distributors and key players across the chain are exploring ways to transform into a more customer-focused supply network. By deploying an array of digital tools to gather the right data, supply chains can become more responsive to customer needs and fluctuations in demand.

In a recent survey of supply chain professionals, 97% of respondents said their organizations experienced COVID-19–related disruption. Many were taken aback by the sudden changes. As a result, industry players are striving to harness the right data to better predict customer behaviours.

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